As we move forward in the COVID-19 era, heath security is our most valuable yet vulnerable asset & the #1 determining factor in the public’s comfortability when re-entering shared spaces. Over the last few weeks, Crescent Multimedia Solutions has rigorously explored the rapidly emerging market of thermal sensor technology to determine market leaders and is pleased to offer both individual tablet scanners & group camera scanners as a first line of defense against the spread of the Coronavirus in shared public spaces & workplaces alike. To learn more about these options, and what scenarios they are best suited for, see below.

thermal temperature Technology


  Protect98 Tablet Scanner


  invid tech thermal camera


  • A “first line” defense to keep shared spaces safe & secure through awareness and early detection

  • Easy to deploy risk mitigation in both private workplace environments & publicly shared spaces


  • Thermal Scanning technology is NOT a medical or diagnostic testing device—these devices can only detect elevated surface body temperatures, not core temperature, symptoms of, or the COVID-19 virus itself

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