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        with Thermal Scanning


  Protect98 Tablet Scanner


Pedestal mounting

option shown here​

  • Accurately measure body temperature in >2 seconds with ±.5°F accuracy or better (average var. ±.35°F)

  • Clear, concise display of “Pass” or “Fail”, red/green lighting cue & optional Voice Announcement for situational discretion

  • Optional “Mask Detection” feature to help enforce mask usage in environments as required

  • Touch-free; can be implemented in actively monitored, remotely monitored and unmonitored environments

  • Can be run independently or networked with access control & facial recognition databases

  • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

key features:

To help us better understand your intended usage of the thermal temperature tablets, as well as provide you with a quick estimate based on your needs, please click the button below to fill out a brief Intended Usage Survey. Once complete, a Salesperson will reach out to you to further discuss your goals, provide a quick estimate & project scope, and answer any additional questions you may have regarding this exciting technology.

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98.6°F is the average core (internal) body temperature—since the tablet reads surface (skin) temperature, readings are typically ~1°F lower. For this reason, the “threshold” for the elevated temperature alarm is set to 99.4°F, as this would likely indicate a core body temperature at or around 100.4°F, which is the CDC’s threshold for COVID-related fever.

why does the Device read most temperatures at 97.X°F If the average temperature is 98.6°F?

Does the Device need to be calibrated regularly?

No. Temperature varies slightly across a person’s face, with the most accurate readings obtained from in-between and at the inside corners of the eyes. Since the Protect98 combines both facial recognition & thermal temperature scanning technologies, the device is able to pinpoint the best facial area for temperature measurement, ensuring accurate readings. For these reasons, the Protect98 does not need to be calibrated regularly or manually adjusted when scanning. ​

Yes. When mounted on the pedestal mount the Protect98 can read individuals between 4 - 6.5 ft. tall, because of its wide-angle camera, and can be manually angled up or down to accommodate heights outside of that range. Desktop mounting, and the VESA attachment for use with alternate mounting options, can be adjusted similarly to suit all heights.

Does this Device meet ADA Standards?

This depends on the method of operation you chose to deploy—in “Stranger” mode, faces are captured to accurately detect temperature, but deleted from the device’s memory after 24 hrs. If used in conjunction with access control or facial recognition database comparisons, data can be stored to an external PC and accessed/reviewed and deleted as needed through the Protect98’s central management software (CMS) platform.

Does this Device store photos/data?

Yes. To deploy outside, ensure the unit is under a well-covered area, is kept away from any dust and moisture, and that you have adequate battery packs to support if unable to be plugged in to direct power. The unit cannot be in direct sunlight, as it can negatively effect temperature readings and potentially damage the thermal sensor.

NOTE: Skin recently exposed to direct sunlight may read at a higher temperature in certain scenarios & could produce a “false positive” on the initial read.

Can this Device be used outside?

Yes. When plugged into a power source, the Device can be left on indefinitely. The Device will go into stand-by mode when not in use; to wake up the Device, step in front of it to trigger the detection sensor. Battery-pack powered Devices have a 6 – 10hr. run time, depending on frequency of usage.

Additional Questions?

Click HERE to email our Sales Team with any additional questions you may have. To request a Quote, please use the button above to complete the Intended Usage Survey.

Can the Device run 24/7?


  • A “first line” defense to keep shared spaces safe & secure through awareness and early detection

  • Easy to deploy risk mitigation in both private workplace environments & publicly shared spaces


  • The Protect98 Thermal Tablet is NOT a medical or diagnostic testing device—the Protect98 can only detect elevated surface body temperatures, not core temperature, symptoms of, or the COVID-19 virus itself

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