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        with Thermal Scanning


  invid tech secure camera

  • Scan up to 16 subjects at once; perfect for high traffic areas to keep flow moving

  • Accurately measure body temperature in >1 seconds with ±.5°F accuracy or better 

  • Alerts of over temperature display on the Central Management Platform, and can trigger alert emails & optional red/green light indicators

  • Optional “Mask Detection” feature to help enforce mask usage in environments as required

  • Touch-free; can be implemented in actively monitored & remotely monitored scenarios

  • Can be run independently or networked with access control & facial recognition databases

  • Wall & ceiling mounts, as well as tripod mounting options available

key features:

request a thermal camera quote

To help us better understand your intended usage of the thermal temperature cameras, as well as provide you with a quick estimate based on your needs, please click the button below to fill out a brief Intended Usage Survey. Once complete, a Salesperson will reach out to you to further discuss your goals, provide a quick estimate & project scope, and answer any additional questions you may have regarding this exciting technology.

Unlike the thermal tablets which rely on close proximity to determine temperature, InVid Tech's Secure camera utilizes a "blackbody" calibration unit--this device emits heat at a consistent temperature, and is used in conjunction with the camera to ensure accurate temperature readings when installed within the specified distance parameters.

how is the Device accurate If it is so far away from the persons being measured?

Are there limitations to how the device can be installed?

Due to the nature in which the camera and blackbody calibrator must interact, there are mounting distance requisites that must be met to ensure the camera operates optimally. Our Design Team will review the area(s) in which you intend to implement the Secure camera to ensure proper installation. Wall mounts, ceiling mounts & tripod mounting options are all available, and can be used accordingly to accomodate a variety of spaces/scenarios as needed.

The Secure camera was initially introduced  as a non-invasive defense against the spread of contagious illnesses in elementary school environments; this being the case, it's appearance was catered to appearing more friendly for the children interacting with it. Unless being used in an outside environment, the "ears", which act as sun shields, can be removed from the device.

Why does it look like a panda bear?

This depends on the method of operation you chose to deploy—in “Stranger” mode, faces are captured to accurately detect temperature, but not stored. If used in conjunction with access control or facial recognition database comparisons, data can be stored to an external PC and accessed/reviewed and deleted as needed through InVid Tech's central management software (CMS) platform.

Does this Device store photos/data?

Check out invid tech's demo video of the secure camera in action here

Additional Questions?

Click HERE to email our Sales Team with any additional questions you may have. To request a Quote, please use the button above to complete the Intended Usage Survey.


  • A “first line” defense to keep shared spaces safe & secure through awareness and early detection

  • Easy to deploy risk mitigation in both private workplace environments & publicly shared spaces


  • The InVid Tech Secure camera is NOT a medical or diagnostic testing device—the Secure camera can only detect elevated surface body temperatures, not core temperature, symptoms of, or the COVID-19 virus itself

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